What is Personality?

CACS counselors are always using our students’ personalities as a starting point for building towards stronger academic profiles. By then providing concrete activity plans that are tailored to fit each individual student’s academic and personal interests, we strive to help students not only develop their thirst for knowledge and ability to think more critically about their world, but also discover their potential to achieve greatness.





What This Might Look Like for a Student Interested in Economics

Level 1

  • Self-study for AP Micro and learn about Macroeconomics, stocks and bonds using sources like Khan Academy

  • Read essential pop-economics works like Nudge or Freakonomics

  • Subscribe to The Economist magazine and write 1 commentary each month (possibly on a blog)

  • Join school’s Economics/Investing/Business Club(s)

  • Strive for mastery in your mathematics classes and take part in competitions like the AMC 10/12

Level 2

  • Enroll in competitions like KWHS Investment Competition or the National Economics Challenge (NEC)

  • Initiate a research project on a topic of your interest

  • Open an investment account with your parents’ support

  • Secure a relevant internship with a reputable firm

  • Attend Wharton’s LBW, MIT’s LaunchX or Yale’s YYGS summer programs

Level 3

  • Have your research published at a reputable journal

  • Win at KWHS or NEC

  • Score 8+ on the AIME


Note that we are not promising that students who complete our recommended activities will automatically gain admission into a school with a specified ranking; college admissions is a holistic process, in which many factors are taken into consideration. However, by following an activity plan that increases in difficulty, students can become an applicant that stands out to admissions officers, thereby increasing their chances of attending their dream school.



Level 1

  • 使用Khan Academy等资料来了解Macroeconomics,股票和债券,自学AP Microeconomics

  • 阅读必不可少的流行经济学著作,例如Nudge或Freakonomics

  • 订阅《经济学人 The Economist》杂志,每月写一条评论(也可以在博客上)

  • 加入学校的经济/投资/商业俱乐部

  • 力争精通数学课程,并参加AMC 10/12之类的数学比赛


Level 2

  • 参加KWHS投资竞赛或NEC (National Economics Challenge)等竞赛

  • 针对你感兴趣的主题启动研究项目

  • 在父母的支持下开设投资账户

  • 在知名公司获得相关实习

  • 参加沃顿商学院的LBW,麻省理工学院的LaunchX或耶鲁大学的YYGS的夏校课程


Level 3

  • 将你的研究成果发表在知名的academic journal

  • 赢得KWHS或NEC

  • 在AIME上获得8分以上


请注意,我们不是在保证完成我们推荐的活动就会自动进入指定排名的学校;大学录取是一个整体过程,a holistic process,其中会考虑许多因素。但是,通过遵循难度增加的活动计划,学生可以成为招生官中脱颖而出的申请者,从而增加了就读梦想学校的希望。