Proactive Learning

Our team’s goal is to empower our students to reach and even exceed their personal, academic, and professional goals. We work closely together with students to get to know what’s truly important to them and create a concrete plan, but its contingent upon the students themselves to execute. Our Early Advantage Roadmap thus provides students with clear, distinct long-term targets, and our implementation of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals provides tools and strategies to measurably work towards achieving them.





Our roadmap is specifically designed and customized to enable our students to make the most of their time leading up to the college application process and to achieve their long-term goals. While there are universal milestones that all students will need to reach in order to ensure their progress, these milestones often lead to unique insights that students will apply to the pursuit of unique, meaningful projects that appeal to and develop their application persona.  


Thus, our Early Advantage Roadmap often consists of:


  1. Action Points that are more universal, allowing for students to work towards key academic goals (ex. course selection, standardized exam planning, English writing practice, etc.) as well as to learn more about themselves.


  1. Signature Project Action Points that are unique to the student and pertain to specific extracurricular goals often culminating in an independent project.


Students now need to make sure they hit threshold achievements while setting themselves apart in their applications. Our Early Advantage Roadmap sets the tone so that students easily and readily can do both.