Our team is not just focused on not achieving short-term goals, but also developing our students’ foundational skills so that they are properly equipped for their life in college and beyond. Through our reading, thinking and writing modules, we hope to foster students’ curiosity toward the world around them, and develop their essential skills such as critical thinking, depth of understanding, and logical reasoning.





The overall thematic modules of mentorship are Reading, Thinking, and Writing. Each student is assigned [his/her/their/hir/zir] own Student Folder of which the only people allowed access are the student and advisor. Each Student Folder contains a journal for the student to articulate a pensive thought or two on topics of their choosing.


The specific objectives are to:

  1. To encourage students to extend the scope of their reading, develop a habit of reading, and explore material to prepare for their respective futures.


  1. To encourage students to extend the scope of their knowledge, develop better reasoning skills, and think critically about multiple subjects.